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Finding the Right Workplace Solutions Partner Amid Workforce Changes

Finding the right workplace solutions partner is key when re-evaluating your office needs and how best to design and maintain a space that accounts for the changes facing businesses.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the workforce and workplace are undergoing significant transformations. Remote and hybrid work models, rising labor costs, and a competitive market have reshaped how we approach our work environments. For facility managers and HR professionals, finding the right workplace solutions partner is paramount when re-evaluating your office needs and how best to design and maintain a space that accounts for – and stays ahead – of these changes. 

How Labor Trends Are Impacting the Workplace

Remote and Hybrid Work

According to the latest surveys, two out of three white-collar positions are either remote or hybrid (both 33% respectively). The shift to remote and hybrid work models has created a need for more flexible and collaborative spaces. Offices need to be much more than a collection of desks, conference rooms and other workplace stables. It needs to be clear as to why it’s important people venture into the office to utilize these spaces. They should be viewed and designed to be hubs for collaboration, innovation and connection. Companies must adapt by creating environments that support both in-person and remote employees, ensuring everyone feels included and productive.

High Cost of Labor

The latest Labor Department report for Q1 2024 showed labor costs increasing, again. The Employee Cost Index (ECI) jumped 1.2%, following a .9% the previous quarter. Since the onset of COVID-19, labor costs have spiked and remain high across all categories. This trend shows no signs of decreasing, putting pressure on businesses to find cost-effective yet efficient solutions to manage their workforce.

Competitive Market

The labor market is more competitive than ever, with skilled workers often commanding higher salaries than non-skilled positions. The hospitality industry is one that was recently singled out by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one struggling to retain workers. The same report notes health services as one that has consistently had some of the highest number of open job postings. 

Workers Shifting Industries

Many workers didn’t return to their pre-pandemic industries, opting instead for roles that offer better pay or more flexibility. This shift necessitates a strategic approach to recruitment and retention, focusing on attracting talent from diverse backgrounds.

Things to Consider When Workplace Updates Are Needed

Don’t Forget the Little Things

From ensuring that your new CEO has a comfortable office chair on their first day to managing a full-scale office relocation, attention to detail is crucial. Small oversights can lead to significant disruptions, so it’s essential to plan meticulously.

Plan Earlier Than You Think

The earlier you start planning, the smoother the transition will be. This includes everything from IT setup to furniture arrangements. Early planning helps identify potential issues and allows for timely solutions.

Project Management Is Key

Effective project management ensures that every aspect of the office update is on track. This involves coordinating various teams, managing budgets, and adhering to timelines. A dedicated project manager can make a world of difference.

Consider Bringing in a Partner

Navigating workplace changes can be overwhelming. Bringing in a workplace solutions partner like WeSolve can provide the expertise and resources needed to manage the process efficiently.

Good Qualities in a Workplace Solutions Partner

Reliable and Clear Communication

A good partner should communicate clearly and reliably, ensuring that all parties are on the same page. Transparency is key to avoiding misunderstandings and ensuring smooth operations.

Trustworthy and Budget-Conscious

Choosing a partner who manages projects within budget and meets expectations is crucial. Look for a partner who offers a personalized experience and a menu approach to services, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Customizability and Flexibility

Given the dynamic nature of today’s work environments, your partner should offer customizable and flexible solutions. WeSolve tailors its programs to meet clients’ unique needs, from quick furniture deliveries to large-scale relocations.

Why WeSolve?

WeSolve is uniquely positioned to be your reliable and flexible workplace solutions partner. 

Here’s why:

  • Expert Curation and Planning: From pre-planning to project management, WeSolve covers all aspects of workplace transitions.
  • Comprehensive Services: WeSolve offers a range of services, including relocation, space allocation studies, AutoCAD drawings, decommissioning, and more.
  • Experienced Team: WeSolve’s team becomes an extension of your own, understanding your needs, workflows, and culture to create a customized plan.
  • Rigorous Screening: Every contractor goes through stringent requirements and screenings, ensuring the best talent is on your project.


Navigating workforce and workplace changes requires a strategic approach and the right partner. WeSolve offers the expertise, flexibility, and comprehensive solutions needed to manage these transitions seamlessly. 

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