Graebel Commercial Services is now WeSolve Workplace Environments as of 8/1, due to GCS’ acquisition by WeSolve, a company under the Hilldrup umbrella of brands. We encourage you to learn more on our site!

How We Work

As every project is different and has varying size, scope, and dynamics, WeSolve prides itself in having a team that can support every scenario as it comes up. By engaging key business functions such as finance, real estate, facilities, operations, human resources, and procurement, WeSolve develops and oversees thoughtful, nuanced commercial project plans that reflect the unique needs of an organization.

WeSolve’s Relocation Process Timeline

Our managed process ensures an efficient and seamless transition for every space, every time. This is a general timeline for all the tasks our team may conduct to account for any and all details relevant to your relocation plan.

Up to Six Months Prior to Project

  • Determine the needs of the project and its scope.
  • Develop strategy for all planned activities.

Six Weeks Prior to Project

  • Work directly with the line of business and vendors for scheduling the project.
  • Assist in all communication to the teams for move instruction and guidance.

Five Weeks Prior to Project

  • Outline a comprehensive project schedule and timeline for the project efforts.
  • Develop RFP(s) for vendor engagement.

Four Weeks Prior to Project

  • Discuss and further define scope of project, customer expectations and roles and responsibilities.

Three Weeks Prior to Project

  • Provide floor plans, architectural drawings or install drawings based on the approved plan for the project for both origin and destination locations.

Two Weeks Prior to Project

  • Meet with the line of business to review color coded floor plans and project matrix for finalization. 

One Week Prior to Project

  • Facilitate final project meeting with all required attendees to explain and review the project instructions. 
  • Delivery of cartons or crates, materials, and labels.
  • Review of project plan occurs, adjusting if needed.

Week of Project

  • Survey origin site to tag all IT equipment.
  • Conduct site visit of destination to review final access, status of new workspace and furniture placement plans.

Day 1

  • Arrive at origin to ensure building protection, packing and project prep is taking place as needed. 
  • Crews arrive at designated time; relocation follows the designated project plan and color code. 

Post Project

First Business Day After Project Scheduled Completion

  • Post project crew arrives to assist lead personnel and employees “smooth set” at the new destination. 
  • Post project crew begins to remove unpacked cartons or crates and remove from site as needed.

One Week After the Project

  • Crew arrives for final pick up of unpacked crates used on the project.

It’s Time to Get to Work

Send us a few details and one of our experienced account management team members will reach out to help customize your proposal based on our collaborative approach and partnership.