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WeSolve Supports Hundreds of KinderCare Learning Centers Across the U.S.

Learn how WeSolve used our nationwide service coverage, flexible labor model and logistical expertise to help a national brand meet their goals on time and on budget.

The Client

KinderCare Education, (formerly known
as Knowledge Universe® – U.S.), the largest provider of early childhood education in the U.S. through its KinderCare Learning Centers and other branded locations.

Project Summary

Over a seven-month period:

  • Receive, store and assemble over 19,000 new cribs
  • Logistical coordination of 1,580 KinderCare Learning Centers facilities across the U.S.
  • Remove and safely dispose of the obsolete cribs

The Challenge

After the U.S. adopted new safety standards for drop-side cribs used by childcare providers, KinderCare Education needed to replace cribs in 1,580 U.S. locations. The company had to make the transition over a seven-month period in those facilities. Most importantly, accurate assembly of the cribs was critical to ensure child safety.

The Solution

The unassembled cribs were shipped to local warehouses for assembly and delivery; nearly 85% of the KinderCare Learning Centers locations were within 50 miles of one of these warehouses.

• We conducted multiple conference calls with the crews and managers to

review the assembly instructions and best practices along with delivery and

disposal procedures.
• We created an assembly instruction video covering the 200+ crib

components to ensure consistent installation quality at all facilities.
• We confirmed delivery schedules with each of the facilities four weeks

in advance, including those housed on federal sites and large corporate campuses where advance security clearances for the delivery team was required.

• We removed and permanently disposed of the old cribs as the new cribs were delivered.

• Because they were considered a safety hazard, we utilized recycling and waste-to energy options where available.

• The entire project had a total of 3.8 million specific quality control checkpoints and our deficiency rate was less than 0.0001.

“We were able to leverage WeSolve’s nationwide service coverage, flexible labor model and logistics expertise to execute a complex project on our timetable with superb results. Their project team was hands- on, knowledgeable and flexible enough to accommodate changing variables.”

–Director of Logistics & Inventory KinderCare Education

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