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WeSolve Manages Move of a National Research Lab for Childhood Diseases

Relocating hopes and cures.

The Client

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Research Institute

Project Summary

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Research Institute is well known for its work related to pediatric diseases. When the organization moved into a new facility, Dr. Douglas C. Wallace, from the University of California-Irvine, was recruited to establish CHOP’s Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine at the facility. Dr. Wallace’s experience with WeSolve on a previous relocation project gave him the confidence that we could seamlessly transfer his lab.

The Challenge

Our project managers spent two days with Dr. Wallace and his team in California, meticulously documenting the equipment and materials in the lab and determining how the critical items would be transported. 

The most important aspect of the lab relocation was the preservation of frozen cell specimens, a culmination of forty years of mitochondrial research and testing. As Dr. Wallace explained, “These cell line specimens are the foundation, the lifeblood of our work. Without them, we would not have the ability to move forward with therapeutic applications and drug testing.”

  • Relocate an entire lab across the U.S. within a short time frame 
  • Protect sensitive, valuable equipment during the transfer 
  • Maintain integrity of frozen cell specimens throughout the process 

The Solution

Customized crates were built to protect the lab’s sensitive equipment and devices. We also arranged for the testing equipment to be decommissioned, recertified and invalidated. 

To protect the frozen specimens, WeSolve arranged for refrigerated transport. The drivers complied with all governmental regulations related to biological materials transportation and placed backup generators and extra liquid nitrogen tanks on board. From origin to destination, the highly sensitive freezers were continuously monitored for variations in temperature. 

“The hospital has a solid working relationship with WeSolve. When we received word that Dr. Wallace would be joining our team, WeSolve’s involvement was a natural fit. They were responsive to our needs, and the only company who could meet the tight time schedule. In every aspect, WeSolve delivered.” 

–Director of Research Resources, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute

Upon arrival at the CHOP facility, just prior to offloading, one freezer gauge differed slightly from the rest. Within thirty minutes, we arranged to have two spare freezer units on-site in case they were needed. When the temperature in the freezer stabilized without intervention, the specimens were safely delivered.

  • Detailed inventories and plans to ensure efficient relocation 
  • Specialty transportation with redundant back-up systems to preserve biological materials 
  • Customized crating and packing of lab instruments

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